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Home 800 Toll-Free Service

Using your Home 800 number is fast and easy! Dial your own personal Home 800 number, and all calls will be billed to your account at the low rate of 30¢ per minute (except calls from Canada will be rated at 45¢ per minute). There are no surcharges or hidden fees. (25¢ surcharge applies to calls from payphones).

  • Use your Home 800 number to make calls to home, rather than using your calling card
  • Give your Home 800 number to your children to use when they call home. This allows you to personally monitor how much they call you, and saves them money while they are away
  • Use your Home 800 number from any location, including payphones, within the United States
  • No monthly fees or per call surcharges (25¢ surcharge applies to calls from payphones)

Home 800 is automatically added to your account when you sign up with any of Qwest's residential calling plans. You are not charged for this service unless you decide to use it.

Dialing Instructions:

You will be given an 1-800 number to access the CenturyLink network. At this time, you will receive a prompt, which will direct you to simply enter your personal PIN number, which will route you directly to your home number (or the number which you have designated as your billing telephone number)! The 1-800 number and personal PIN will be provided to you in your welcome kit. This is an add-on product only and can't be accessed without signing up for one of the CenturyLink calling plans.

Service not available in AZ, CO, IA, IO, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, OR, SD, UT, WA and WY.

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