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What is a PIC Freeze?

A "PIC Freeze" is a Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier Freeze. It designates to your local exchange carrier (local phone company) that you, as a customer, do not want any Long Distance Carrier changes to your account unless you give verbal or written consent.

You can prevent a long distance or local long distance carrier initiated change from being made to your account by requesting that CenturyLink freeze your carrier selection. After the PIC Freeze has been placed, any changes to your carrier selections can only be made and authorized by you. Carrier initiated changes will not be accepted.

PIC Freeze is available for the following carrier selections:

  • Interstate -- your provider of Long Distance Services
  • IntraLATA -- your provider of Local Long Distance Services

PIC Freeze service is provided to you free of charge by CenturyLink. To request a PIC Freeze for your account, call (800) 495-2808. Press option 1 and then option 3 to speak with a Qwest Representative. If you have questions about this service, call your Account Manager or (800) 860-2255 for additional information.

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