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Special Needs Center
800-860-2255 (Voice)
800-961-9451 (TTY)
888-524-9258 (Fax)

Center for Cusotmers with Disabilities
Qwest's Special Needs Center helps customers with hearing, vision, speech and mobility disabilities who want CenturyLink Communications Company Long Distance services.

A Special Needs Center representative can assist customers with the following:

  • Explain the different long distance plans available
  • Order or disconnect services
  • Answer billing questions
  • Discuss product offerings listed below

To speak with a CenturyLink representative about long-distance services and offerings, call 800 860-2255 (Voice) or 800 961-9451 (TTY).

CenturyLink TTY Discount for the Hearing and
Speech Impaired

CenturyLink Communications Company long-distance customers are eligible for a discount on their long-distance charges under the following conditions:

  • Customers with a disability for which they need a teletypewriter for telephony communications.
  • Customers with a hearing or speech disability, such as deaf, mute, or speech/hearing impaired.

If you rely on a teletypewriter for telephony communications you may qualify for a 40 percent discount off CenturyLink long-distance interstate and intrastate services, except customers in Ohio, Maine and Florida. Ohio, Maine and Florida discounts are:

  • Ohio — 70 percent discount for instate or intraLATA calls for product AAP ACS (All American Plan), 40 percent discount for all other products and 40 percent discount for interstate calls for all products.
  • Maine —70 percent discount for instate or intraLATA calls for all 1+ products and 40 percent discount for interstate calls for all products.
  • Florida —70 percent discount for instate/intraLATA calls for product AAP ACS (All American Plan) and 40 percent discount for all other products and 40 percent discount for interstate calls for all products

    The discount applies to the per call charges for 1+ domestic calls (which includes calling card, Home800).

To apply for the discount, please fax a letter from your health professional describing and certifying your qualifying condition(s) to CenturyLink Communications Company's Special Needs Center at 888-524-9258. Approximately 30 days after receipt of your letter you will see the discount on your per-call charges on your bill. Direct questions to a representative at 800-961-9451 (TTY only) or our Customer Care Center at 800-860-2255 (voice).

Free Directory Assistance for the Blind

If you are blind, you may be eligible to receive free Directory Assistance. CenturyLink can assist you in participating in this special program. Please call the CenturyLink Special Needs Center at (800) 961-9451. A form of eligibility is required to participate in this program, so you'll be asked to provide your name, address and phone number. Additionally, a CenturyLink representative will ask you to have your doctor fax us a signed note verifying your condition. You'll need to fax the note to (888) 524-9258 within 2 business days. CenturyLink will contact you to verify that the discount has been applied to your account. You will not be billed for Directory Assistance for as long as you remain a CenturyLink customer.


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