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Your First CenturyLink Bill

The first bill you receive after ordering new service with CenturyLink will include additional items and charges that will either not appear on subsequent bills or will be reduced. As a result, your first bill will be higher than subsequent bills. Your first CenturyLink bill will include:

  1. Charges billed in advance
    Many recurring monthly charges are billed one month in advance, such as calling plans, local calling services and custom calling features.

  2. Partial charges
    Partial monthly charges will occur when service is established during a billing cycle prior to the bill date. The actual amount prorated is determined by the number of days the services were used for the current billing cycle. Depending on when you ordered service, you could potentially be billed for up to two months of service in advance.

    For example, if your service started on September 8 with a bill date of October 1, the first bill will include:
    • Charges for one month (October) in advance
    • Plus, 22 days of pro-rated charges for services provided September 8 to October 1
  3. One-time charges
    One-time charges may include service activation fees, shipping and handling charges, and the total cost or your first installment payment for any equipment or accessories purchased (e.g., wireless phone, caller ID unit).

  4. Bundle savings
    If you have multiple qualifying CenturyLink services on your account, you will see “Bundle Savings” on your bill. Your total savings will appear on page two or three of your bill. You will also see the savings broken out under each service type on your bill, i.e., Long Distance, Wireless, TV Services.

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